Sound Clip
A Mother's Choice
by Val Wood
Read by Anne Dover
Genre: Family Saga
Media: Audiobook

For ten years, Delia has had to fend for herself and her son Jack, and as a young unmarried mother, life has never been easy. Every new coat and pair of shoes was bought with what little money she could scrape together as a singer. But when the theatre work dries up, Delia faces a dilemma: continue the search for employment with no knowing whether she'll find the security her son needs, or return to the place that should be home ... where only spite and hatred await them. A chance encounter suddenly presents a lifeline. But Delia is faced with an impossible, heart-wrenching choice. Can she bear to leave Jack behind? Will they ever be reunited?

ISBN - 9781407971971
Duration = 14 Hrs. 30 Mins.